Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) also known as MCI Screening test, is conducted by NBE. One has to qualify in this examination whoever wants to graduate with a medical degree outside of India. Before you start preparing here are some tips you can follow to score well.

1. Start Early

Always start your preparation a few months prior to the exam. I would suggest you start your preparation about 6-5 months before the exam. In doing so you’ll have ample time to do revisions and focus on specific topics.

2. Schedules

To achieve a goal a proper strategy is required. Prepare a proper time table that allows you to study all subjects along with having time for revisions. Make sure you do an at least 2-3 revision of the whole syllabus. Have a schedule that manages your tell. Make a point to have time for revisions and solve MCQ’S. Solve at least 50-100 MCQ’S per day. Plan a schedule to solve at least one mock test from one month prior to the exam.

3. Time Management

Time once lost is lost forever. Manage your time well. Don’t waste your time on entertainment. You have a goal now and you need to start working on it. Manage your time well, allowing you to study, do revisions, solve MCQ’s and Mock tests as well.

4. Study Material

Choose one study material that works for you and stick with it. Do not choose study materials based on other students feedback. Everyone selects a book that works for them. Better you do it as well. On reading different study materials at once, it not only confuses you but also clusters the information in your brain.

5. Study Notes

Preferably make your own study notes of each topic from every subject. Try not reading other students study notes because every one note is different. Every student prepares their study notes in a way that works for them and maybe it might not work for you.

6. Clear Doubts

Be ready to clear your doubts in the lectures or meet the faculty directly. Always clear your doubts however you think stupid you think others might feel. If you don’t clear your doubts it will affect your performance in the exam.


Always be motivated towards your goal. I know you get demotivated in between but do not lose hope. You will prepare well and give your fullest. Try to keep a clear your mind and maintain a positive attitude.

8. Be Confident

Never lose confidence in yourself. You will do great. Believe in yourself and trust your preparation. You’ll do great.