Counselling, Guidance & Motivation

Counselling is very important for very student. Counselling at FMGE Solutions is not a therapy session. It is a motivation session for the student that helps them to focus and achieve their goal.

Here at FMGE Solutions, we conduct counselling sessions with the students, one on one session and group session. The tests written by the students are assessed on their performance and reviewed. We identified the strong points and weak points etc based on their performance. Based on the analysis, the students are counselled.

“ Different wounds need different treatment” . The same thing is applicable for students as well. We at FMGE Solutions, assess each every problem and provide student- friendly solutions. Thus helping them in every possible way to help them.

We conduct Group and one and one sessions. Group sessions involves on topics like time management, decision making etc. One on one involves topics like how to approach the questions etc.

Great advises are given from experiences. The counselling sessions are very effective and helpful because the students are counselled by the doctors who have experienced FMGE. Thus helping the students to do well on the exam.

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