Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) OR MCI Screening Test is conducted by the National Board of Examination. It is conducted twice every year, in the month of June and December. FMGE consists of two sessions morning and afternoon session. It is rumored that morning session exam consists of para – clinical questions and afternoon sessions consist of clinical/ case related questions.

  • The FMGE papers consists of 300 questions.
  • You need to score150 marks to qualify the exam.
  • Scoring 0 or 149  doesnt make difference.
  • Getting that extra one mark 149 + 1, will change your career.

So, for the next 30 days you need to work hard to achieve 150.  Here are some tips you can work on form the next 30 days

Full Syllabus

  • You can cover all the 19 subjects in 30 days.
  • You need to integrate all the subjects.
  • For example when you are studying cardiovascular system, you also need to study cardiovascular system in all the all the other subjects, like CVS of physiology, CVS of anatomy, CVS of pathology etc.
  • Doing this it’ll help you to connect all the subjects simultaneously.
  • Integration of all the subjects will make it easier you to solve the clinical/ case related questions asked in the afternoon session.
  • Do not leave short subjects.

As per the previous FMGE results, short subjects you the slight boost in your qualifying of the exam.

Multiple Choice Questions

  • Solving Multiple choice questions is the most impo0ratnt part in getting a getting score. Solve atleast 50 -60 MCQ’s everyday.
  • Try to solve MCQ’s everyday at least at around 2.00-5.00 pm.
  • This train you brains analytical thinking and helps you solve around 60 MCQ’s  per hour.
  • The best book to refer for solving MCQ’s is ‘FMGE Solutions by Dr. Deepak Marwah’.

Study Material

  • DO NOT refer too many study materials.
  • Preparing from more than one study materials not only confuses you but also clusters the information in your brain.
  • Prefer that one book that works for you.
  • Do not select a book because of your friend’s feedback.
  • Try to prepare your own notes,  that helps your preparation and reviewing very easy before exam.

Attempt Offline And Online Tests

Try writing how many grand tests as possible before the last five days of the exam. Attempting grand test in a stipulated time gives you an idea on how to manage your time during the exam, helps you to get accustomed to the exam atmosphere as well. Prefer solving online tests.


  • The last 30 days are the most crucial days in your preparation so as to get a good score in your exam.
  • You need to plan accordingly for the exam.
  • Make sure you involve a good amount of sleep and maintain a healthy diet in your timetable.
  • Sleep for about 6 hours everyday.
  • Study in the morning and sleep at night.

In doing so, you’ll get used to stay awake and be active duration of the exam. Also involve time for solving MCQ’s and time for revision.


  • While making up the time table always leave time for revision.
  • Revision is second most important strategy in the preparation for a competitive/ qualifying exam.
  • It makes the information get stored in the subconscious memory and helps you rationalize the information.

Surrounding Environment

  • The environment around you sets your mindset.
  • Always surround yourself with people that encourage and motivate you.
  • If you feel like the environment surrounding you is demotivating and not helping you achieve your goal.
  • Leave the people and place and change your surroundings.
  • A bad environment is toxic and poisonous to yourself.
  • Be careful and act intelligently while choosing your surrounding.

Never lose confidence in yourself and all the best for your exam!!