Myths Buster!


Being test savvy is only one part of being a good test taker. Many students, exams, in particular, are very stressful. There are many myths surrounding FMGE. It is helpful to know about these myths so you do not fall victim to it. Try to be mentally clear and calm your mind about the stress of exams. Here are a few myths I have heard that just are not true.

1. You don’t have to study all 19 subjects to clear FMGE?

It is one of the biggest misconceptions concerning the students preparing for FMGE. Since the exam is about testing whether students have, minimal knowledge to be qualified as a doctor, the exam tests us from all aspects of the subject and it will also help you to make connections between different subjects.

So, YES! One must study all the subjects thoroughly in order to clear the exam.

2. Doing/studying only MCQ’s is enough to clear the exam?

NO!! Absolutely not. Practicing questions on a daily basis is legitimately one of the best ways to clear the exam. But, studying only MCQ’s is never enough, definitely not if you want to clear it off in the first attempt. Therefore, read your notes before solving the MCQ’s.

3. You can qualify for the exam if you start studying before 2/3 months?

One should at least start preparing for the exam before 6-5 months prior to the exam. It is so because, you should at least be able to do 2-3 revisions, so as to connect all the subjects simultaneously, which help you pass the screening test.

4. The number of attempts to clear the FMGE is limited?

As of now, there aren’t any limits on how many attempts students can take. It would be better if you could clear it in your first attempt so that you can concentrate on your further plans.

5. The pass percentage of the students appearing for the exam is low because the paper is tough?

There’s nothing as a tough paper, it all depends on how you prepare. Since this is just a qualifying exam, it aims at testing the students on their basic MBBS knowledge, and whether the student is qualified to be a doctor or not.

6. You should follow the blueprint to study for the exam?

No, you shouldn’t follow the blueprint. Even though the MCI has released a blueprint they never really follow it.

7. The exam is of Postgraduate level?

The biggest misconception about FMGE is of postgraduate level, but as a matter of fact, it just deals with basic medicine.

So, for those who worry and stress when exam month arrives, remember that you just need to relax, try your best and remember that it’s not the end of the world! GOOD LUCK.