NextLevel Training

“You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation “

This emphasises the importance of a solid foundation in the basics of education. We here at FMGE Solutions, we believe that foundation is very important.

The key to success in doing well in any competitive and qualifying exam is based on your preparation methodology. For FMGE you need to focus on the basics and fundamentals of medicine. FMGE Solutions provides you just that. At FMGE Solutions we conduct a. Face-Face classes b. Test and Discussion. C. Revision class d. Revision test series.

Face-Face Classes: These classes are taken by our expert faculty who are experienced in FMGE for a decade now. These classes are taken on all the 19 subjects. All the important topics are focussed on according to their degree of importance.

The face to face classes helps the students to save time for their preparation because the faculty focus on topics that are required for the exam.

The batches starts in the 1st week of January and July for a period of three months respectively.

Test and Discussion: Firstly T&D is test and Discussion. Apart from face-face classes we conduct recent pattern quality tests. The questions asked in these tests have a high probability of being asked in the exam. The tests are followed by the discussion of the question paper. The discussion session involves the detailed explanation of all question along with clearance of all doubts. Test and discussion is more suitable for students who have completed at least of 2- 3 revisions preferably and for repeaters.

Revision class: Revision is the integral part of good preparation. At FMGE Solutions we provide a good maximum days of at least 45 days. This will help you in remembering the information and rationalize the information easily.

Revision test series: These series involve weekly, mock and grand test. This will you help you to realize the topics that you need to focus and the ones you need to revise.

NextLevel Training also involves test series along with coaching. All the question papers are set with precision keeping in mind the students mentality, level and standard of learning and management of time. These tests are conducted in a stipulated time so as to allow the students to experience and have an idea on how to manage their time in exam. All the test papers areset and approved by dr. Deepak Marwah.

NextLevel Training batch provides a platform for the students to get their doubts cleared by the expert experienced faculty and solve the problems faced by all the foreign medical graduate. There are motivation and counselling sessions that are conducted for the students so as to push them to the NEXT LEVEL on their path to success.

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