Test Series

Studying only theory is not sufficient to achieve a good score or clear FMGE. You need to solve a number of Multiple Choice Questions after studying the topic. Solving Multiple Choice Questions helps you to improve you accuracy, management of time, decision making and to work on your intuition. For that, you need to start attending exams that are being conducted by various resources. Only solving MCQ’s at home doesn’t help the cause.

At FMGE Solutions, a series of tests are conducted. The tests conducted use innovative test preparation methodology keeping in mind the students mentality, time management and their standard of learning.

The test series help the students to recognize their level of knowledge on each topic. Test series are conducted in a span of 3 months. They consist of Mock Test, Grand Test, Weekly Test and Revision Test.

Weekly Test: Weekly exam are conducted every week. They are conducted on every subject involving all the necessary topics on their degree of importance. These tests help you analyse and identify your approach on to the question and your mistakes. Thus, letting you know you weak points and what topics to focus on. These tests are conducted offline.

Our tests are well known for improving concentration, boosting scores and above all ensuring success. It helps the students to identify the area in which they are weak, strong points and topics that require revision.
The question papers are prepared by Dr. Deepak Marwah. The questions are set in such a way so to cover topics in the subject on the degree of importance. Minimum of 5 questions from each topic are asked.

Grand Test: Grand test are conducted monthly once. These tests are conducted in a stipulated time. These tests include all 19 subjects with 300 questions. These papers are prepared according to the FMGE pattern.

We try to stimulate the atmosphere similar to the main exam so as to allow the students to experience and get used to the feel of the exam. These are available offline and online according to the students convenience.

Mock Test: Mock Test conducted are monthly once in the time span of coaching. These tests consist of five subjects as per coaching schedule. They are conducted under strict surveillance within a stipulated time. These tests are available offline and online. labor work.

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